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About Us: Marketers
a month ago – February 14, 2021

Want to know more about the brains behind SMUMods? Join our new “About Us” series where we shine the spotlight on our team. For this week, we have our Marketing Team to share their stories on how they market and communicate this platform to the masses.


What’s up party people, it’s Casey - rhymes with crazy. I have already introduced my marketing and design process in an earlier blog post, so I will take a different angle for my segment today.

As one who believes that every opportunity is a window to many more opportunities, I joined SMUMods in the thought that it was “just another ExCo”... And boy, I was wrong. Honestly, there is no official organization type we fall into. We aren’t a student club, but we aren’t a for-profit business either - but I digress.

Prior to me joining the team, there was literally zero marketing, PR or business development efforts. Hence, together with Zack and our part-time summer team, we upped our game on those fronts.

We launched and grew our social media channels from scratch to now over 1.3k in organic followers in just a span of 3 months; and our Telegram Books community to over 1k subscribers in 6 months. In addition, as a source of financial sustainability and to our commitment to giving back to the SMU community, we secured over 20 sponsors and partners hence raising a 4-digit value.

Thanks to our aggressive marketing strategy, we grew our site traffic to over 50k new users and over 2.1mil pageviews in 2020 alone. So in 2021, we will continue our meteoric growth and remain steadfast in bringing you the very best. Cheers guys!


I am Zack and I joined SMUMods’ Marketing Team in Summer 2020 because I recognized that SMUMods has added value to my student life and I hope to share this experience with many more students as well!I joined the team with the main purpose of marketing and publicizing the platform. I had minimal experience in designing, photo-editing, and video editing. As it was the lockdown period, I was motivated to get my hands dirty and make the most of my time at home. Therefore, I set my mind to learning and picking up Adobe’s Photoshop and Premiere Pro in hopes of value-adding to my team.It was not an easy journey as I attempted to design and learn simultaneously.

After a month or two, it was relatively less challenging as I familiarised myself with the various applications (now panning with space + alt + left click haha). A special mention to our Head of Marketing, Casey, for his continued support and guidance through this journey - providing us with his elaborated pointers on how we may improve on our work.   

Looking ahead, I am excited to witness SMUMods grow and serve students holistically and comprehensively, thereby enhancing our student lives - one student at a time!


Hello everyone, I’m Yen Ting. I joined SMUMods’ Marketing Team in Winter 2020 after I decided to pursue my passion for Marketing. I wanted to be part of the team and try something new by creating content specially catered to our needs as a student.

I joined the team hoping to showcase my creativity (while staying consistent) with our theme. Personally, I had only illustrated out of my free time (shameless plug) or as an illustrator in the SMU Economics Intelligence Club (SEIC) Illustrator Program. However, I wanted to learn more - about coding, UI/UX, and the other aspects of marketing. Hence, I attempted different things and I wanted to hone my Adobe skills more.

Though it has only been 3 months since I joined, I learned a lot such as designing collaterals, and striving to achieve pixel perfection (shoutout to Casey for his guidance - wouldn’t have done it any other way!). It has been a wonderful journey so far, and I’m sure we as a team are set out to do amazing things.


Hey there! I am Mika and I joined SMUMods as part of the Winter 2020 Marketing and UX Design team. I wanted to explore my interests in these two areas during the winter break and at the same time, contribute to something meaningful. SMUMods provided just that opportunity for me. The culture of learning and infectious spirit of innovation within the team has been really inviting thus far and I’ve learned quite a bit in the past 2 months. 

I’m extremely grateful to the team for taking a chance on me, someone with little experience in graphic design and UX. I joined the team with only the hunger to learn and grow as much as I can. It has been a great confidence boost knowing that the team believes in me. And that’s the magic of SMUMods, it is truly a platform by students for students - a place that is inclusive and empowers everyone. 

Since joining the team, I’ve had my hand at creating social media collaterals and conducting valuable user research. With each new project, our amazing Head of Marketing, Casey, challenges us to grow and outdo the last. This has made me more determined than ever to improve my Adobe Suite and copywriting skills. I’m looking forward to the big plans SMUMods has in store. The best is yet to come!

(P.S. - If you like what we’re doing here, and want to support us - do donate the price of a cup of coffee so we can keep doing what we’re doing (and more). We pay for our servers out of our pockets at the moment. Every dollar counts! Thank you!)